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Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College
Permanently Affiliated College to University of Mumbai &
Approved under Section 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act.

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Welcome To G J Advani Law College Library

About the Library

The K.H. Nagrani Memorial Library was established in the year 1980 and its collection is growing extensively since then. The well-stocked Library is considered as an asset for the college. To support institutes mission, the Library aims to facilitate creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of legal information resources and provides value added services.

It also aims to build an exhaustive collection of electronic legal information. The library housekeeping activities are computerized using SOUL 2.0 software. Internet and Wi-fi is available freely for students in the library. Book Bank Scheme facility is available for SC/ST/DT/NT Students which provides a set of textbooks to the student for the entire semester. The library also provides membership to its ex-students who are registered with the Alumni Association of the College.

Library Hours

Library Working Hours Monday through Saturday 0845 – 0430

Library will remain closed on all Sundays and Public Holidays

Significant OA Resources in Law



Services and Facilities

  • Circulation
  • Reference Service
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Publishers Catalogue Services
  • Periodicals Content Pages Services
  • Membership to ex-students
  • Book Bank for socially and economically weaker sections of the society
  • Old & New Syllabus
  • Previous Examinations Question Paper Sets
  • Internet Services

Book and Journals Collections

The library has a strong collection of learning resources to support the academic community. Currently, it holds about 12,784 books in principle domain of Law. Library subscribes to over 15 scholarly journals and magazines, 09 newspapers and provides full-text access to 772 Online National Journals, 570 online international journals and 80,409 E-Books covering subject Law, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Computers & IT, Education, Business & Economics, etc. The reference section of the library has Bound Volumes of Journals like Accident & Compensation Cases, Administrative Cases, Bombay Cases Reporter, Civil Law Judgments, Divorce & Matrimonial Cases, Indian Judgment Reporter, Labour Law Journal, Maharahstra Law Journal, All England Law Reporters, Cambridge Law Journal, Harvard Law Review, Modern Law Review, Public Law. Other noteworthy collection are Oppenheim’s International Law, The Framing of India’s Constitution, Constituent Assembly Debates, Legal Systems of the World, Russel on Crimes, Encyclopedia of International Terrorism, Sir John Woodroffe’s Law of Evidence, Pollock & Mulla on Indian Contract & Specific Relief Act, International Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property Treaties, Ramaiya’s Guide to Companies Act, Palmer’s Company Law, Russel on Arbitration, Mulla’s Code of Civil Procedure, Paget’s Law of Banking etc.

Library Rules

The students are requested to observe the following rules, which are necessary for the benefit of all students.

  • 1. All bonafide students of the college are entitled to avail the library facilities.
  • 2. The library will remain open for students between 8.30 a m and 4.30 p m, except Sundays and public holidays. During University Examination (LL.B.) the timing of the library could be extended.
  • 3. The students are entitled to borrow one book at a time for a period of one week. If books are not in demand, they may be renewed for one more week. Requests for renewal must be communicated on or before due date.
  • 4. Students must return the Book to the library promptly when due. Failure to do so will result in a fine of Re.2/- per day, for the first seven days and Rs. 5/- hence after for as many days as the Books are not returned. Repeated late returns of the Books may result in borrowing privileges being withdrawn.
  • 5. Reference Books, Journals and Magazines borrowed against the College Identity Card must be returned on the same day, unless otherwise specified. Failure to do so will result in a fine of Rs 500/- per book/Journals/Magazines per day.
  • 6. Every reader using the library shall be responsible for the safe custody and return of book/s in undamaged manner. He/She should verify and bring to the notice of the Library Staff if the book is damaged / mutilated before getting it issued. In the event of its being mutilated/lost, by the member, he/she has either to replace the book with a new copy or to pay for the cost of the book at the prevailing market price with additional charge as determined by the Librarian. In case of out of print and important and rare book/s the penalty will be more than the normal rate and be levied at the discretion of the Principal/Librarian.
  • 7. Books/Journals/Magazines written in, underlined, damaged or lost must be paid for at the rate determined by the College authority.
  • 8. If your borrower’s card is lost report it immediately to the library staff and get a duplicate card issued by paying Rs. 100/-. Books drawn on lost card will continue to be the responsibility of the borrower in whose name the card was issued.
  • 9. Eatables, Cold drinks, Tea etc, are not allowed inside the library.
  • 10. Smoking and operation of Mobile phone inside the library is strictly prohibited. A fine of Rs. 200/- will be charged if found guilty.
  • 11. Library furniture should not be disturbed.
  • 12. Observe dignified silence in the library.

CD-ROM Database

The library has strenghthened its collection by acquiring electronic sources viz., CD-ROM Database of Journal of Indian Law Institute, CD-ROM Database of Law Commission of India’s Reports, CD-ROM Database containing cases of Supreme Court and all High Court’s and Case Pointer- SCMH, etc.

Bound Volumes Journals

Indian Bound Volumes Journals

  • 1. Accident & Compensation Cases
  • 2. Administrative Cases
  • 3. Bankers Journal
  • 4. Bombay Cases Reporter
  • 5. Civil Law Judgments
  • 6. Current Central Legislation
  • 7. Divorce & Matrimonial Cases
  • 8. Indian Judgment Reporter
  • 9. Judgments Today
  • 10. Labour Law Journal
  • 11. Labour Law Notes
  • 12. The Matrimonial Law Reporter
  • 13. Maharahstra Law Journal
  • 14. All Maharashtra Law Journal
  • 15. Maharashtra Law Reporter
  • 16. All Maharashtra Law Reporter
  • 17. Supreme Today

Foreign Bound Volumes Journals

  • 1. All England Law Reporters
  • 2. Cambridge Law Journal
  • 3. Harvard Law Review
  • 4. The International & Comparative Law Quarterly
  • 5. The Law Quarterly
  • 6. Modern Law Review
  • 7. Public Law


1. How can I get my library card?
Please come with your original fee receipt and one passport size photograph and fill the library Membership Form available in the library counter.

2. Can I borrow Journals / magazines/newspapers?
No. Journals/magazines / newspapers are not issued to any library member.

3. Can I issue the reference books?
No. Reference books are not for issue.

4. Who can access the Manupatra and N-List Databases available in the library?
Any library member who has a valid library membership card can access the databases, please contact the librarian for the Login ID and password.

5. How many books I can borrow at a time and for how many days?
Students can issue 1 Book for 07 days.

6. How many times I can renew a book?
A user can renew books maximum two times after issue of books from the library provided book is not demanded by any library member.

7. Do I need to pay fines due to late return of books?
Yes. Fine Rs 2/- per day for the first seven days and Rs. 5/- hence after.

8. I can’t find the answer to my question in these FAQ – where can I get more help?
Please contact the librarian (rashmi.gjalc@gmail.com) for your library -related query.

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